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2014-08-22 07:15:47

Obscenely high and unsustainable policing costs. Apparent self-interest is cloaked in the guise of public safety needs. Where is the political outrage while OPP costs continue to climb? Who is going to bring policing costs in this province under control?

Google 'Ontario Provincial Police Block' and once there check out the contents of the 'Unsustainable Policing Costs' category (the 8th from the top). Municipalities across Ontario have been screaming about the rising policing costs. It is truly a paradox that OPP bills are destroying communities its officers are supposed to protect.

2014-08-18 17:24:37

It's obvious that the Liberals couldn't care less about the taxpayers, and especially rural taxpayers. As a current seasonal resident (who intended to reside here on retirement), it is disappointing to see that our Minden Hill taxes will skyrocket while at the same time we can expect higher taxes in Mississauga, despite a model that shifts OPP cost from cities to rural areas. This is just another tax grab by the tax and spend Liberals. As current seasonal residents we already pay high taxes for very few services and now the OPP is adding to the burden. The only crime committed by permanent residents is having a successful seasonal economy. Now they have to pay for it, thanks to a backward OPP allocation model.

2014-07-03 11:43:35

After this ,anybody that opens their mouth about a pool or arena needs to be horsewhipped